Awards and Recognitions

MAC-ISA Awards

Each year, we recognize the skill and dedication of our members through the Chapter Awards program. Nominations can be submitted for the following categories.

  • AWARD OF MERIT - Recognizes outstanding or meritorious service in advancing the principles, ideals and practices of arboriculture.
  • VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR AWARD - Recognizes significant contributions to the success of the Chapter through volunteer service.
  • LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD - Recognizes a member that has made significant contributions to the chapter and industry throughout their lifetime.
  • FIELD ARBORIST AWARD - Recognizes a person who spends at least 50% of their job time working directly in the field.
  • HONORARY CHAPTER MEMBERSHIP - Recognizes an individual, group, company or agency that is not a member of the Mid-Atlantic Chapter that has made material contributions to the advancement of the field of arboriculture through research, practice, promotion, invention or literature.

Deadline for submission is set each year and is usually the end of August.

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ISA Awards

The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Gold Leaf Awards are given by local chapters of the ISA to recognize worthwhile Arbor Day or Landscape Beautification projects within the chapter’s area. Our chapter tries to present this award annually to recipients from each state and Washington, D.C. in our chapter area. The awards are not competitive, but rather recognition of worthy activity (to be judged by the chapter). This means that MAC-ISA may, and often does, confer multiple awards in each state.

ISA Gold Leaf Awards are presented in each of two categories:

  • Outstanding Arbor Day Activities
  • Outstanding Landscape, Beautification, and/or Environmental Activities

These awards may go to a project, organization, or individual.

MAC-ISA likes to recognize recipients of the award in person at the Annual Meeting when possible; in particular recipients of the state where the Annual Meeting is held. Other state recipients will usually be recognized at local events by a MAC-ISA representative. Gold Leaf Award nominations due dates are set each year and are usually early August.

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