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Tree Risk Assessment Qualification & Requalification

Tree Risk Assessment Qualification (TRAQ)

TRAQ is an ISA qualification program that trains arborists how to use the methodologies outlined in the ISA Best Management Practices for Tree Risk Assessment. This qualification promotes the safety of people and property by providing a standardized and systematic process for assessing tree risk. The qualification consists of a 2-day educational course followed by a ½ day assessment that includes both a written and field component. It is required that you attend the course and successfully complete the assessment in order to receive this qualification.

When applying to participate in a TRAQ event, applicants must agree to the terms, conditions, and policies outlined in the Tree Risk Assessment Qualification Application Guide. Visit the ISA TRAQ Credentials page for more information.

MAC-ISA offers the courses numerous times a year.

To be eligible to register for the course and take the exam, you must have earned one of the following credentials:

  • ISA Certified Arborist® or ISA Board Certified Master Arborist®
  • ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualified
  • A degree in arboriculture, urban forestry, traditional forestry, or horticulture that is part of a national qualifications framework or is from a college or university.
  • A national certification or certificate in arboriculture (see a complete list in the TRAQ handbook)
  • ASCA Registered Consulting Arborist (RCA) status
  • Licensing or Certification from an approved state/province program (see a complete list in the TRAQ handbook)
  • SAF Certified Forester

Qualification Period

The TRAQ credential is valid for five (5) years from the date it is earned. A credential holder is required to take the requalification course and pass the exam every five years in order to renew the credential. No CEUs are needed to maintain this qualification. ISA certification holders will be offered 14.5 CEUs for attending the course.

Renewing Your Tree Risk Assessment Qualification

The requalification is a one-day refresher, with five hours of instruction, and three hours to take the exam. Current TRAQ holders can complete the abbreviated course eighteen months prior to their expiration date. Upon passing the requalification exam, the expiration date will be adjusted to coincide with the five years from the original expiration date. This means, if someone passes the requalification four years into their credential, s/he has six years until it expires. 

An extension to the expiration date will not be granted or available for purchase.  If the exam is not passed prior to your renewal date the full course will be required to become qualified again.

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